St. Mary Pastoral Council Minutes

             December 13, 2005


Attendees:  Father Price, Frank Altdoerffer, Robbie Ponseigo,Ollie Bennett, Taco Mejia,  Jeff Sepulvado, Steve Cadwell, Cindy McGowan, Dan Cezar, Gloria Evans.  Visiting guest was Mr. Jim Lenox


Robbie opened with a prayer.  Taco was the presider over this meeting.



Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed by everyone.  Motion made to accept the minutes by Steve Cadwell, Gloria Evans 2nd, The minutes were accepted as presented.



Father has received 3 nominations so far for the Diocesan Medal of Honor.  He will put a reminder in the bulletin one more time to make sure that everyone has a chance to nominate someone if they choose to do so.   


Father said the turnout Monday night for the Spanish Mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe was good.  About 65 were there. 

Further conversation concerning our Spanish, Vietnamese, Indian & Pakistan brothers and sisters that are attending our church and a suggestion was made to possibly have missals in their lanugauge ordered for the church.  Father will be checking on this and letting us know.

He mentioned the "trial" 11am Mass and starting this (upon the Bishops approval) to go for the 8 weeks of Ordinary time.  Father mentioned that he would welcome

others helping with the Rosary before the Masses each week.  He suggested a "sign-up" sheet in the foyer of the church for the various groups and individuals that would like to take this opportunity to lead the congregation in the Rosary.  He plans on putting this in the bulletin as well.




5-Year Plan

Taco mentioned that Grant Frederick was still working on the plan.  This is a huge task and we are very grateful to him for this undertaking.   Grant hopes to have this completed sometime after the 1st of the year.


Statue of the Blessed Mother from Holy Rosary

Gloria told us that all the materials are in for the statue but that Dennis Rich has been very ill and not been able to work on it.  He and Larry Alexander hope to have this finish within the next month.


Convention of Councils (Pastoral and Finance) on Feb 11, 2006 at the Catholic Center - reminder for signing up with the church office.  Cindy is checking with  Carol to make sure that she has the list of attendees from the Pastoral council.




On Site Prayer Ministry -  Mr. Lenox gave a great talk about his experiences regarding the On-Site Prayer ministry.   This ministry is non-denominational.  It is a group of people who go to a crime scene site and prayer for those who have killed or were killed.  Because our mission clearly states we are to proclaim the works of God and to live as Jesus taught then we must find ways to reach out to others as Jesus would.  This has had a significant impact on grieving families.   Mr. Lenox would welcome anyone who might be interested in forming this group here.


Census Form Design Committee & Pictorial Directory Committee Volunteers- -due to the joining of Holy Rosary and St Mary's it is necessary to update our census records.  This will be done the same time as the Pictorial Directory.   Holy Rosary had a very complete census form that was presented to Father.  In addition, Father explained that the Shelby computer system has the capacity to capture all of the information as well as categorize it.   Father said Steve Lenox will need to appoint Committee Heads for the Census as well as the Pictorial Directory.  


WEBSITE:  It has been suggested to post the minutes of the Pastoral Council on the website.  While Father is not in favor of this he is in favor of putting that which pertains and is relevant to the parish; i.e. upcoming events such as the 11am Mass and the sign-up sheets for the Rosary.  Since so much of the pastoral council meetings consist of discussion alot of the notes would not be relevant.



Other commitments prevented anyone from Sacred Heart attending but on their behalf Jeff Sepulvado presented the completed 5 year plan to Father.  Much conversation was made concerning the renewal of Sacred Heart.  They are re-energized and working harder than ever to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ.

We are very proud of them and need to continue to pray and support our brothers and sisters at Sacred Heart.


Our next meeting will be January 10, 2006 at 6:30p.m..    The quarterly Meeting will be held the same night..


Fr. closed our meeting with prayer. 


Minutes respectfully submitted by Cindy McGowan