July 11, 2006


Attendees:  Fr. Price, Robbie Ponseigo, Frank Altdoerffer, Gloria Evans, Hazel Truitt, Norma Jean Shelton, Dan Cezar, Steve Cadwell, Cindy McGowan and our 2 new members Bobby Remedies and Otis Littlejohn.  Tim Smith was present from Sacred Heart.



Everyone was given a copy of the minutes of the June 13, 2006 meeting.   Gloria approved the minutes as read and Robbie seconded the motion.  Everyone was in favor. 



●Father welcomed Bobby and Otis to the Pastoral Council.  Installation will take place at a later date.

●Father read 2 letters he received from parishioners.  One was suggesting an outbound ministry for nursing homes and hospitals once a month on Sunday afternoons when most places don’t have any activities.  The 2nd letter was concerning the number of Catholics residing at Summerfield Estates that don’t have a way to get to Sunday Mass.  Father will be contacting both these people and asking if he might share their letters with the congregation to encourage others in these ministries.  He also said he thought about adding a sort of “Ministry Flyer” insert in the bulletin once a month showing the various ministries and when they meet etc. 

●Father handed out the guidelines for televising the Liturgy as we are preparing to install a Web cam in the church.  He stressed the televised Mass is never a substitute for the church’s pastoral care nor is it ever a substitute for the Sunday Mass celebrated within our faith community. 

●General comments about the carpet going in the church and the use of Vandegar Hall for Mass. 

●Food for the Poor Program will be finalized at the quarterly meeting but all present

were in agreement to make this a yearly project.

●Father talked with Randy Tiller about a gentleman who has a great deal of knowledge in Parish Stewardship drives and will be talking with him in the near future to come and speak to the group. 



Steve Cadwell mentioned that his son Tim is painting the rectory and should be completely finished this weekend.  This is a project Tim is doing for Eagle Scouts. 



Heart Defibrillators- Steve Cadwell mentioned that the KOC’s would be willing to pay for an automatic defibrillator but asked that the Pastoral Council take on the responsibility of getting it ordered and once here getting a certain group of people trained on it to cover each Mass.   The motion was made and 2nd and everyone was in favor of this.  Cindy McGowan will handle this.



Tim Smith reported that Sacred Heart is in the process of developing a Bldg. and Grounds committee.  In addition, they are nominating parishioners for the purpose of “exploring only” the possibility of building a new church.  He made a general report on the Fiscal year numbers.  He mentioned that job descriptions/ duties are being created for lay employees. 


The meeting was closed with a prayer.


Our next Pastoral and Quarterly Meeting will be held on Tuesday August 8, 2006 at 7:00


Minutes respectfully submitted by Cindy McGowan.