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2015 Message from Rev, Francis Kamau, FMH

                              “God is good all the time and all the time God is good”

 My  dear brothers and sisters in Christ, members of St. Mary of the Pines Catholic Church.  Thank you

 all for your response and participation in making this parish directory possible.   It is hard to

 believe that I have been here since I was appointed your pastor back in  2010, during which time I

 have come to know you as we continue to grow together in our faith and spiritual journey.

          I am from the Lyke Community, also known as the Franciscan Missionaries of Hope, which was

 founded  in Nairobi in 1993.  There is a Lyke Community in Kenya, in the Dioceses of Shreveport ,

 New York, New Orleans and Mobile.   We recruit young men who are interested in both the priesthood

 and the brotherhood and we train them as missionaries of hope.  The Lyke Community was named

 after Archbishop James Patterson Lyke, who once served as pastor of St. Benedict of Grambling.

       In the beginning two things were very hard to get used to, the food and the weather.  I had no idea

what I was ordering when I read the menu at the local restaurant.  I wanted to see it on a plate before I

ordered.  I come from a community that doesn't eat a lot of seafood, and now I am with people eating

mudbugs.  In Kenya we ate  a lot of corn, beans, rice, lamb, chicken and vegetables.  The weather in

Nairobi is very moderate with temperatures ranging from 55-77.  Winter weather is 55 and when it gets

hot it could hit 77-80.

     It has been a joy and honor to know, love and serve you all.  You have become our family away from

home.  We feel appreciated and promise you to do our best with your support.  As we begin our 42nd year

as a church, let us find inspiration in the opening words of our Mission Statement, “To proclaim the

works of God and to live as Jesus taught,” I leave you with the following Blessing:

“The Lord bless you and keep you,

  the lord make his faee to shine upon you,

  and be gracious to you,

  the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”

  Numbers 6:24-26


Fraternally yours in Christ,

Rev, Francis Kamau, FMH


2005 Message from Fr. Price

"A Church parish is a gathering of God's people in a particular area under the leadership of their pastor and united with the diocesan Bishop.   A church parish is, in every way, the family of God's people gathered and united in the praise of God the Father, in discipleship and service to Jesus Christ, and reconciling the world under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is of great honor and favor that we are under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, Mother of the Church, Mother of all Christians. 

St. Mary of the Pines had its beginning in the 1970's when a group of Catholic residents in Southern Hills felt the need for a new gathering place.  St, catherine of Siena was becoming crowded as the Southern Hills community was growing.  Bishop Greco approved the idea and Father Hugh Biggar was appointed the founding pastor.  The first gathering places for the new Catholic community were the schools in the neighborhood. Eventually, the first buildings were erected, and the Catholic community began to gather on the present site.

We have been blessed this year with the "moving in" of our brothers and sisters from the former Holy Rosary Parish.  We mourn the loss of that Catholic Church and School complex.  We mourn the loss of their active and exemplary present in their old neighborhood.  We rejoice that many of the former Holy Rosarians have moved into this wing of our Father's house.  They bring with them many talents, joys, enlivening ideas, great faith, and yes, the sorrow of closing their parish.  We receive the great gift of these living stones built upon into a wonderful edifice for the glory of God.  We, and they, are recognizing more and more the truth of the Scriptures which tell us that we are the "living stones," a building not made with hands. 

We at Saint Mary of the Pines are called by God to be a blessing to Himself, to his Church and in his world.  We, the merged faith communities of Saint Mary of the Pines and Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, are a wonderful and rich embodiment of that saying, "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue."  This saying, associated with weddings, speaks to God's work of bringing together these two communities.  We are blessed with the"old."  Old not in the terms of age, but in the terms of valuable and vintaged persons.  We have founding members from both, Saint Mary of the Pines and Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, many of whom are still quite active in the vineyard of the Lord. We are blessed with "new" members from the former Holy Rosary, plus new members from our Southern Hills community, especially through our RCIA spiritual program.  We have not "borrowed," but we have been graced with the spiritual gifts and talents of our Holy Rosarians.  They have blessed us with the assets of the former Holy Rosary Church complex, especially in the former of a Catholic Schools Scholarship Endowment, and a Capital Improvement Endowment.  The "blue" is the mantle of the Blessed Virgin mary that we the joined family of Saint Mary of the Pines wear.  Our Holy Rosary brothers and sisters wore and continue to be draped in the mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary's intercession and spiritual love.  We are "blue" in the sense of saddness of the closure of Holy Rosary.  At the same time we rejoice in and are strengthened by the "blue" heavenly love and aid of the Mother of Christ who is also our mother. 

We even have a "Trinity," if you will.  We have the presence and input of our Sister Quasi-Parish, Sacred Heart of Jesus Church. That small community is committed to working for the Lord and his Church in outreach to the civic community.  They are committed to rebuilding from within so that in time, under God's guidance, they can regain full parish status.  We both encourage and support their spiritual efforts. As we live our lives in the days and years to come, may we, in the spirit of God's love, help one another grow to full stature in Jesus Christ.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us." 

In Amore Christi, 

Father Rothell Price


1973-1980 Rev. Hugh Biggar Founding Pastor


Rev. John Vandegaer Assisted founding


Rev. Ron Matthews Associate Pastor
  Rev. William L. Up de Graff Associate Pastor


Rev. Roger McMullen Associate Pastor
  Rev. Bernard Zagst Temporary Admin
1980-1983 Rev. Robert Inzina Pastor


Rev. Patrick Madden Associate Pastor


Rev. Ken Roy Associate Pastor
1983-1993 Rev. Msgr. J. Carson Lacaze Pastor


Rev. Stephen Wright Associate Pastor


Rev. Daniel Walsh In Residence


Rev. Rothell Price  Associate Pastor


Rev. Peter Mangum Associate Pastor


Rev. Curtis Woods Associate Pastor
1993-1999 Rev. Philip F. Michiels Pastor


Rev. Joseph Howard Associate Pastor


Rev. Andre' Mcgrath OFM in residence
1999-2005 Rev. Edmund A. "Larry" Niehoff Pastor
2005-2010 Rev. Rothell Price Pastor


Rev. Thomas Vempala In Residence


Rev. John Thomas  


Rev. Dariusz Pawlowski Parochial Vicar
2010-2018 Rev. Francis Kamau, F.M.H.  Pastor
            2010 Rev. Henry Kiggundu, F.M.H. In Residence


Rev. Michael Thang'wa, F.M.H.  Parochial Vicar


Rev. John Paul Crispin, F.M.H. Parochial Vicar
2018-present Rev. Michael Thang'wa, F.M.H.  Pastor


Rev. John Paul Crispin, F.M.H. Parochial Vicar

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